Human Rights

The European Court of Human Rights, established in Strasburg in 1959, is the foundation of а monitoring mechanism for following the civil and political rights set out in the European Convention on Human Rights, which was signed in Rome on November 4th, 1950 by the member States of the Council of Europe.Since its foundation, the Court has delivered more than 10 000 judgements with a growing tendency on the lawsuit count. This fact suggests the wide popularity of the Court. It is all due to the bold judgements the court has decreed, often followed by political and media response.Judgements of this rank have led governments of the member States of the Council of Europe to alter their legislation, thus promising to secure fundamental civil and political rights to everyone within the Conventions jurisdiction – leading to more rights for individuals and legal entities.Attorney Danail Kalinchev offers legal protection and cooperation of his clients alleging violations of the decree of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Attorney Danail Kalinchev is specializing in European Union Law and Human Rights Law.
In 1997 I graduated the French language school “Antoine de Saint-Exupéry” in Plovdiv.
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